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Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda (ICHL)Main Block - advanced medical care and treatment to the public at moderate cost

The Irinjalakuda Co-operative Hospital Ltd has been established in March 1995 with the prime objective to provide advanced Health Care and Modern Medical facilities to the local people at low cost.

The Hospital Building with a Carpet area of over 1 lakh Sq.feet situated in a Four acre plot in a clean serene and hygiene ambience is located on the Thrissur-Kodungallur State highway in the out skirts of Irinjalakuda Municipal Town. Since advanced Medical facilities were woefully lacking in the town and the adjacent panchayats before the commissioning of the Hospital formally performed by Sri. M. V. RAGHAVAN Hon’ble Minister of Co-operation on 7th July 2002. The Hospital with its cost effectiveness and good medical expertise has been attracting not only the residence of these areas since then but even those from distant areas. The Hospital has been rendering charitable services by way of free treatment to the needy poor admitted in general wards and implementing Health Insurance scheme.

Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda (ICHL)
President's Message - Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda (ICHL)

President's Message

President :  Mr. M.P.Jackson

M P Jackson - President of Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda (ICHL)

Hearty welcome to our web to know about our services and functions. The hospital established under the co operative sector has only service motto. Our basic aim is to provide advanced medical care and treatment to the public at moderate cost. But since we rely on lending agencies for funds for the implementation of the project and further development, we are constrained to levy reasonable charges for the services in order to discharge the liabilities. We whole-heartedly welcome concrete suggestions and monetary assistance from every quarter for the advancement and development of this democratic institution, which has been rendering valuable help to the tens and thousands of poor and ordinary people. We assure that we shall strive to carry out all the good proposals from your part, of course, subject to our means and to continue our earnest efforts steadfastly to provide more and more services to the patients and the public.

Greetings to All...!

M P Jackson, President
Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda.

Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda (ICHL)
Co-operative Hospital, Irinjalakuda (ICHL) - where care matches excellence

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